Head of School

Welcome to NIA

Assalamu Alaikum, may the peace of God, his blessings and mercy be upon you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Welcome to Nashville International Academy!

When I reflect on the purpose of NIA, I always think about our narrative. NIA doesn’t offer programs and classes and subjects alone, we offer a life narrative. Families who enroll their children at NIA are putting into motion a set of life events for their children. Their children will gradually transform into wholesome, educated, civil, and compassionate individuals. They will grow up to be good, decent people. This transformation, which I have witnessed at NIA time and time again, is one of my most rewarding experiences. As an educator, I thrive when I see our students growing, learning, and changing. It is part of my success to see students leading lives of meaning and impact. We aim to fulfill this promise that all children, no matter who they are, become the best versions of themselves. And becoming the best version of themselves also entails becoming righteous, devout, and proud Muslims.

When students enroll at our school, they are inducted into our 4 C’s program, whereby they encounter Compassion, Conscience, Control, and Courage in the hallways, in their classrooms, in their lessons, and in their daily interactions. The 4C’s are embedded in our daily work.

When students enroll at our school, they are bound to work on long-term projects in which they develop 21st century skills. When students enroll at our school, they become members of a loving community. When students enroll at our school, they take their first steps in becoming a whole, well rounded individual.

I pray that your families also witness this positive transformation at NIA.

Ibrahim Yousef


Nashville International Academy